Training T&Cs

Booking Conditions:

1. It is the course applicant’s responsibility, having referred to relevant sources of course information, to ensure that the course is suitable for their requirements. Inner Light Wellbeing Centre is happy to provide advice but accepts no liability in the event that the content of the course or any changes to the course timetables, structure or contents where necessary does not meet individual requirements.

2. Once an application and a deposit has been received to secure a place on the students chosen course and a place allocated by Gateway Workshops, the applicant will be subject to and in agreement with all conditions as set out herein by Gateway Workshops (whose booking conditions are laid out at the bottom of the initial confirmation email) and Inner Light Wellbeing Centre.

3. Acceptance: In accordance with common practice of educational establishments, reasons for denying admission will not be discussed with the applicant. The decision of the College is final and is not subject to appeal.

4. Student Numbers: A minimum of two students are required for any course date to ensure the course will go ahead.  If you are the only student booked onto a date and you can bring a practice partner with you we can often still go ahead with the course (may be subject to a change in training location to allow the course to run).

5. The balance of the course fees will be invoiced 28 days prior to the scheduled start date, and is payable in full no later than 21 days prior to training starting.  Under no circumstances can the balance be paid at a later date.

6. Course Attendance: One Day courses – Students must attend the entire day of the booked course, classes run from 10 am to 4:30 pm on weekdays and 10.30 am to 5pm on weekends, (sometimes longer for advanced courses) we may finish slightly later, so please allow extra time when planning your journey home as Inner Light Wellbeing Centre cannot be held responsible for any missed travel arrangements.

7. Students will be expected to respect each others modesty at all times with correct towel draping as the Lomi Lomi / Warm Bamboo and other Advanced Massage courses require the student being massaged to remove all clothing except underwear. Once on the couch students are covered with towels and only the part being massaged will be uncovered. Please note that Men and Women attend our training courses excluding the waxing courses.

8. Course fees include practical tuition, training materials- towels, use of blankets, creams/oils, resources and self/ home study material appropriate to the training course undertaken. Tea/ coffee will also be provided (lunch is not provided). Any other facilities, resources or additional training supplied by Inner Light Wellbeing Centre, at the request of the student, which has not been expressly stated to be included in the fees paid, will be charged at an additional cost. Some courses have DVD’s and kit’s available at an additional cost to the student.

9. It is acknowledged that all intellectual property rights, including copyright, patents, design rights and know-how in or relating to the course or course materials provided or made available in connection with the course, remain the sole property of Gateway Workshops. No copies of course materials or any usage of or reference to Gateway Workshops name may be made unless it has been agreed in writing by Gateway Workshops.

10. Practitioners Diploma Certificate:  Certificates are only given once students have shown that they have absorbed the information presented during the day and after demonstrating a satisfactory treatment observed by the tutor.

To ensure that we act responsibly and carry out good practice, should the tutor feel that you would benefit from further training, certification may/will be held back and you will offered the opportunity/be asked to attend the next available course that has a space, (this is offered free of charge).

With-holding a certificate is rare, but we would not be acting responsibly if a student were given certification, when the tutor felt they were unsafe in any way, the standard achieved must be high enough to enable the tutor issue you with a certificate. With small classes it is easy to absorb the techniques you are taught. There are no exams to sit for our one day courses only a practical assessment.

Course Fees – Balance Payments to Tutor


We recommend immediate payment

If you require an invoice to obtain an authorised company payment please notify me immediately.

The outstanding balance of is payable direct to Inner Light Wellbeing Centre STRICTLY NO LATER than 21 working days before your course start date, or immediately if your course is less than a 21 working days away (see details in this email for payment options). We will send you a reminder 21 days before your course is due to start.

If your course has been booked within this period, the email confirmations act as a request for the course balance to be paid.

I do not take cash payments on the day unless you have booked within 24 hours of the course date; this is by prior arrangement with the tutor. (If you have not paid your final balance and do not arrive for the course, you will still be liable/ responsible for payment of the remaining course fee).


Online payments can be made through our website Under the ‘Training’ menu is a link to the ‘Pay Balance‘ page. Payments can be made via credit or debit card using PayPal.


We accept cheque payments – Please make your cheque payable to Sue Cross, write your card number and expiry date on the back, and send to: Inner Light Wellbeing Centre, 47 Regent Street, Eccles, Manchester M30 0BP. (Any charges relating to any unpaid cheque fees will be applied to the cost of course, when a replacement payment is made by the student). Please allow at least 28 working days if sending a cheque, so that it arrives at least 21 working days prior to the course date.


Bank transfer / direct cash payment can also be made at any NatWest branch where our account is held or via your preferred online banking provider. Our details are provided in the confirmation email from your Tutor or upon request.

The outstanding balance is payable direct to myself STRICTLY NO LATER than 21 working days before your course start date, or immediately if your course is less than a week away.

We will send you a reminder before your course is due to start but I do not take cash payments on the day unless it is a last minute booking and you have booked within 24 hours of the course start date.

Post Payment

Please kindly let me know once you have made your payment – Thank you. A receipt is available upon request.

Sue Cross – Cancellation Policy:

1. If for any reason you have to cancel your place on the course, please provide your tutor with at least 10 days written notice and you maybe required to produce medical evidence if you are cancelling for a medical reason.

2. If a student has paid a deposit to Gateway Workshops and a student wishes to then cancel their place on a course they must give not less than 10 days notice in writing to the tutor to expire at 9 am on the morning of the course they have booked.

3. If a student has given the notice required under point 2 they will then be entitled to a refund of 50% of the balance payment of the course fee owed after payment of the deposit.

4. If student fails to give the notice required under point 2 they will not be entitled to any refund of the course fees paid unless the tutor is able to fill the students place on a course.

5. If you do not turn up on the day or you cancel your attendance on the course day and / or have given no written notice that you will not be attending the course, then the full course fee is non refundable and non-transferable.

6. You have/ have not paid your final balance by previous arrangement with the tutor and do not arrive for the course; you will still be held liable for payment of the full remaining course payment.

7. Sue Cross cannot accept responsibility for students’ changes to work commitments, illness or personal circumstances within this 10 day period.

8. If a course is cancelled due to low numbers or for reasons beyond our control, we will endeavor to transfer you to another course date or offer you a full refund.

9. Please note the balance payment is paid to me your tutor and I am solely responsible for refunding your balance if your course is cancelled and not that of Gateway Workshops LTD and I will refund any balances due in a timely manner. This includes if the course is cancelled for any reason including if I leave Gateway Workshops so you are legally covered for any balance refunds by me.

By booking your place on this course you have agreed to the terms and conditions above. We very much look forward to meeting you and if you have any questions about your course please do not hesitate to contact me.