Warm Bamboo

This therapy is relatively new in the UK and is taking the massage and spa world by storm proving to be very popular for the mobile therapist and in a spa setting.

This is an ideal course to help avoid RSI and injuries as you use the stick instead of your hands, it is in demand with clients so why not stand out from the crowd and offer something a little different.

Using Warm Bamboo in a massage is becoming more and more popular for both clients and therapists. Clients love the deep tissue massage with the warmth of the bamboo and therapists also love it as they can work deeply with little or no pressure on their hands.

It is an ideal treatment for the mobile therapist, as the bamboo is very light and easy to travel with and will therefore help to increase your client base.

Warm Bamboo course is ideal for Mobile Therapists and this massage is increasingly in demand from clients.